Difference between marrying a wife and marrying a woman

When you move hastily and land in a bad marriage, you will understand that there is a big difference between marrying a wife and marrying a woman, a very big difference. I feel so sorry for men who have married wrong. In tears one said to me, “the only time I have peace at homeContinue reading “Difference between marrying a wife and marrying a woman”

The unpreached topics that destroy marriages

This is a very sensitive topic that I wish I could avoid teaching, but I can’t, because I know that these are some of the unpreached areas that the enemy is using to destroy our Christian marriages. If some won’t preach about it clearly, I will. Listen dear believing uncle waiting on God for marriage,Continue reading “The unpreached topics that destroy marriages”

It’s past the point of failure

THIS MESSAGE IS RATED PG-MARRIED! Hello Brotherly married, When was the last time you took your wife’s panties off, not in a hurry like you always do, but slowly, and gently? Not talking about the old ruggedy underwear with tiny tiny holes in the middle, not those old panties that now look like a coatContinue reading “It’s past the point of failure”

Chief requirements of a happy marriage

One night, I sent a very sensitive photo to one of the whatsapp prayer groups I’m in. It was a picture of a skinny lady wearing bombshorts, and ofcourse, her tighs were revealing and the lady’s bombom was shooting out very well. But wait, I can see the look in your eyes like “eheeeennn? SisterContinue reading “Chief requirements of a happy marriage”