Marriage is beautiful convenant for unlocking

“I know that the right spouse God will give me will come without attitude and character problems, perfect for me” No brother. No sister. Holding on to this mindset is planing to go and have a failed marriage that has not even started yet. The right spouse God will give you is going to beContinue reading “Marriage is beautiful convenant for unlocking”

The better appreciation of the promise…

Studying the book of Joshua one morning and the Lord showed me something I have read over and over again but didn’t yet have the revelation grace to see what the message was talking about… It’s just awesome how God promised to give the Isrealites a new start away from their captivity in Egypt, aContinue reading “The better appreciation of the promise…”

Teammate_ Not your competition

You need to always remember that the ultimate goal is to be successful together… When I talk about success, I’m not only talking about the kind of success that is tied to material and financial things alone, it stretches into other areas of our relationship and marriage, areas that do actually play a part inContinue reading “Teammate_ Not your competition”

The level of friendship in your relationship

Brother, if you are still feeling shy to ask the conductor for your change when you’re in a bus with your girlfriend, then you are not best friends at all, you’re just two familiar people doing relationship. Some brothers cannot even price meat and fish in the market with bae around. Brother will just beContinue reading “The level of friendship in your relationship”