Marry a kingdom investor

Please listen to me with your heart,

Marry someone who gives you a 100% chance of making heaven together. “Yes I do” is not worth loosing your “Welldone oh good and faithful servant.”You heard me?No one is worth it.

No fancy proposal at the mall is worth it.
No diamond ring on bended knee is worth.
No extravagant wedding party in Paris is worth it.

No amount of family pressure from your village people is worth it.If that person doesn’t look, feel, talk, and act like one who will make your salvation journey easier for you, then he or she is not worth it. This is the ultimate goal, eternity.

When the roll is called up yonder, God is not going to say “welldone good and faithful husband, or welldone good and faithful wife.” There is no such thing as the ministry of marriage, or the ministry of a husband, neither is there any such thing as the ministry of the wife. There is only one first and most important ministry, just one, and that is the MINISTRY OF THE SERVANT. Marry someone who will sustain your primary ministry, someone who will make you a good and faithful MARRIED SERVANT. Hope someone is hearing me at this moment?

RELATIONSHIP goals are important.
COUPLE goals are importanter,
but ETERNITY goals are importantest!

The first and most important I DO is not the one said at the marriage altar, it is the one said to the salvation state of your partner;
I DO believe you are the righteousness of God…
I DO believe your life is centered on Christ…
I DO believe you will encourage me to live holy by your own life patterns.
I DO believe I am making the right decision walking towards heaven with you.

These are the most important I DO’s said in the heart with conviction and believe.One of the biggest advantages of getting married is not so we can have children, but so we can be with someone who will make our heaven journey their priority. Ecclesiastes 4:9 puts it so beautifully, “two is better than one because they will have a good return for their labor.”Please marry a kingdom investor.


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