My lam saying…


She said: “I want a Godfearing man that will love me for who I AM.”

Okay, good idea sister, everyone wants someone who will love and cherish them just the way they are, it’s all nice, yea yea! But before you talk that nonsense you had better make sure that you are bringing the best version of yourself into the relationship or marriage. Your I AM must have to fit into His own I AM in other for it to work.

Most times people who say this are folks who are unwilling and unprepared to embrace the fact that we will all have to twerk a little bit of ourselves in other to fit into the life of another complete stranger. It’s unavoidable. Marriage is not a picture puzzle where you will only need to dip a hand in the box and find the piece that fits the given picture, we all will have to make adjustments in different areas of our lives if this covenant must work.

I’m sorry but your I AM must have to fit into who God says you are.

Your I AM must be shinning the light of the purpose for which God has destined for you to fullfill.

Your I AM must be painted with every shade of Proverbs 31.

God has not called us to accept and marry people for who they are, He has called us to accept and marry people who are basking in the qualities He has set out for us to exhibit.

If your I AM will lead me into a divorce I am not doing.

If your I AM is a shortcut to loosing my eternal salvation I am not loving.

If your I AM will cut me off from my family I’m sorry that’s not a love God wants me to accept.

I cannot love an I AM that will make me think twice before coming home from work.

An I AM that discusses our personal family problems with our inlaws is not an I AM I am willing to accept.

God will look down at me in great disappointment if I choose to love an I AM that has no personal relationship with Him.

Work on your I AM! Bring the best version of you to the table. Even with that you must also be willing to adjust in many ways in other for us to fit. Because even the best versions also need upgrading from time to time.


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2 thoughts on “My lam saying…

  1. Before u guys go into relationships be ready to adjust according to situations ahead …en be ready to fit in some ones Iam as u what them to fit in your Iam as the above post says…Always remember situations change as time passes….
    Thanks Winnie its really life touching message continue with the good work your doing


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